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More Details on the Volume Learning Method

More Details  on the Volume Method

There are a lot of people who want  more information on the Volume Method.  Normally anything more than what I have already covered on this website and videos would be a personal consultation. I decided to save you some  money and give you further information about  common questions about the process.  If this doesn’t cover all your questions–you can schedule a consultation.  (Sorry, I can’t respond to everyone who wants to send questions, e mails or messages in any other way than via a consultation. This guarantees that you get the personal focus you are after.)


Okay I’m giving you some more cool info on the Volume Method

  1. Why is it called the German Volume Method?  Well it really isn’t if you paid attention you heard that I learned about this method  from some former East Germans.  I’ve stopped calling it the German Volume Method because so many people thought it was only for German.  So let’s just call it the Volume Method, ok?
  2. Why do you say it is not meant for Chinese, Thai, or any other tone language?  That’s because you need a NATIVE speaker to correct your errors in tones.  You cannot do this on your own.
  3. Can I use a computer instead of hand writing?  No. The process is designed around involving your kinesthetic memory and that is far stronger through hand writing than through typing.
  4. Can I leave out steps?  No. As I have said many times it’s about the process. You cannot short cut the process, you cannot suddenly use a method of laziness to get the same results.
  5. Can you tell me the specific books I should use?  Well, if you are doing a language that I have done I can guide you through a consultation. Remember this is a global method and I have not tried to learn every language in the World. Also, I have worked only  from books that are in my L1 to the L2 and I recommend you do the same.
  6. Does this really improve my ability in a language?  Yes, every single person who has the Volume Method has increased his or her  ability in a language.  Some people consider it like magic–hard magic that is as you have to put out the effort.  There has been ZERO negative feedback (that means it has worked for everyone)..
  7. I want to learn a language on my own is this the best way?  Languages are meant as information transmission between more than one person. The use of a language is primarily internal (we talk to ourselves more than anything else) and then giving and getting information from others. Unless you are trying to learn a dead language there is no reason why you should try to learn a language without other people who can speak that language.  You can find more about this as I discuss Geo Locked Languages.
  8. Can you help me with the process?  Yes, I sure can and that is what consultations are for.
  9. I want the Right Brain materials right away–why don’t I get them right away?  You are not ready for them. You don’t have the skill in the language to use them. Why must a medical doctor wait to do surgery? He’s not ready until he has the background skill and expertise to take his craft to a higher level.
  10. Do you offer personal language training?  Yes I do. I have a limited number of languages that I will help you with, though: English, Spanish, Italian, French or Khmer are the ones that I have the resources to help you with. Schedule a consultation if one of those is your desired language.
  11.  Is this for complete beginners?  Yes, the Volume Method is designed for those who have ZERO ability in the language to be learned.


Well there you have it.  If you have other questions then a consultation would be best for you. Remember there are some process answers on the FAQs page (necessary to understand about the overall method). to contact for a private consultation write to clugstondefense @ yahoo. com 


Here’s to your success in another language and my best regards,

Christophe Clugston