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Volume Method:  as described in  the videos and on the Volume Method order page. We take a a strong anti piracy stance.  Information is not for teaching others, not for resale, not to be hosted or posted anywhere else.  Once sent it is a strict NO refund No return policy because you have learned and we must  assumed copied our work.  You agree to these binding conditions when you purchase.


The work found in the Volume Method materials (both print and audio) represents unique research and is presented for your individual use. It is not to be copied, used as teaching materials for classroom or private tutoring nor shared via torrents, file shares or any other means. Purchase is non refundable as materials are sent digitally. Delivery is electronic and usually done within 48 hours during business hours of 9 am to 5 pm Bangkok time Monday through Friday.  We do not work during Thai public holidays or weekends. Also, it should be noted that from time to time there are conditions outside of our control that might delay sending.  You must supply a correct e mail address and which is large enough to handle medium sized to large audio file delivery. 


Consultations are professional sessions and represent expert advice, plans and guidance that is personalized for the individual. This requires specialized knowledge and experience that isn’t easily found and, as such, is a premium service. While methods can be given and explained it is up to the person to implement them on a habitual basis. It is your sole responsibility for your ultimate progress. Cancellations or no shows on the part of the client are nonrefundable.

Blogs/Vlogs represent a subject matter expert’s opinions backed by empirical research. If you have a counter approach it will only be listened to by using standard academic practices of citations and argument construction. This requires a real photo and real name. We are here to raise the bar–not lower it.