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When something doesn’t just seem right we go for a consultation or, at the least, a check up. We know we need an expert’s advice when we aren’t quite feeling right or our computer isn’t performing as well as it should.  Even when we want to get in great shape we do the best under the tutelage of an expert. The same holds for not feeling like you are quite in tip-top condition on your language studies. That nagging feeling or desire that you should be performing better than you are.

Better Performance Can Be  Yours

Well, the first step is to set up an appointment to run a diagnostic on your present methods, your goals, your action plans and then to find where the stumbling block is. That way I can help you formulate an effective plan to achieve your ultimate goals.  To start the process (we can use written communication or Skype sessions–the choice is yours) reserve your first 30 minute session (or comparable e mail exchanges) by using the button below. Note, be sure to read the FAQ page.

The price of the consultation is much less than consulting a golf pro, a concert pianist. a mechanic, lawyer, engineer or even a carpenter.  $50. US for a private, personal, 30 minutes focus entirely on you and your goals.

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