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The Volume Method

You really want to learn a language? Well, if you really do, then you need a very structured, systematic method to improve your language skills  And I have exactly the program for you: the Volume Method, based on the former Eastern Bloc’s language teaching paradigms, will take you to fluency if you dare go that far.

Interested? Well, let me tell you a little about it. In 1991 I met some East Germans who were now able to travel, since the wall had been torn down, and they were a well spring of language information.  I actually met them because of judo (but that’s a different story). Anyway, most of them had learned Russian as their second language and English as their third language.  Because I was a professional athlete I had learned about the Eastern Bloc Olympic sports’ method of athletic training and I was curious about how language  learning was approached in the Eastern Bloc.

From questioning the judo guys I learned that the same pain staking research done on sports had also been done on language learning:  learning was an arduous process just like the physical training of athletes (there were no wimps in those classrooms). Specifically, the method was very structured, systematic and progressive. You weren’t able to fake your way in it anymore than you could fake handstand pushups in physical training. Under this progressive approach you weren’t going to stagnate–there just was no way.  Just like the physical training, there were always expert instructors to help you along your path to better performance. These expert instructors employed the “over learning” principle.  Over learning makes the second language very strong–and , in fact, a reflex. This reflexive ability to use a language, of course, piqued my interest. As I learned more I realized that while I unfortunately could not go to the same schools the judo guys  had been to or even recreate their classroom experience completely, I could take the crucial elements they had been exposed to and use them for self learning.  It’s from this discovery of the crucial elements involved in reflexive language teaching that you can ultimately benefit.  If you want to improve your language ability dramatically then this is your chance. This is an extremely powerful  approach that has generated great results in self learning.

Now, let me be clear and completely honest, nothing replaces the actual original classroom teaching/learning method used. However, I have come as close as anyone  can without the help of a sponsoring government to provide and pay for  the classrooms, teachers, materials, etc. In fact, to aide you on your language mastery quest I have included Right Brain techniques (sent when you are at the right learning stage) to help you become fluent. What are the Right Brain techniques? Well without getting into neurophysiology this is a short cut to the non math, analytical studying hurts my head ways of learning. These  methods deliver a more holistic experience to your language learning. In reality, they capture some of what you did when you acquired your first (native) language. And they’re just fun (that’s what everyone has told me).

And how does it turn out?

Everyone who has used the Volume Method has dramatically increased his or her ability to use the language of study. I’ve never had a person dissatisfied with the Volume Method But, I must warn you–it is not easy. This is not a painless learn in your sleep method. This requires effort and discipline. And, quite frankly, it’s not for everyone. It’s for those that want a considerable jump in their ability to use a language and strive towards real fluency. There is no guesswork or false confidence while using this approach–you KNOW without a doubt you have improved.  If that sounds good to you then you really need to check it out.


Volume Method Exposed

What you get is a detailed inventory of which resources you need  for your specific language (NOTE: tonal languages like Thai and Mandarin do not lend themselves to self learning). How to structure your learning. How to proceed day in and day out. How much time to put in to maximize results. How to intelligently chronicle your progress. How to test your new found ability. How to use the real world to engage your language skills. And then the Right Brain extensions are used to increase your processing speed (you have to be able to think and speak like a normal adult at adult speeds). How to ingrain new ideas and vocabulary. And on and on.

Because this is a very rare method and applicable to any language with a script (not advised for tone languages, though) it represents a lot of special work on my part. I was lucky to have learned the method and, furthermore, I have the credentials to realize that it is sound methodology.  My credentials include:  a M.A. in linguistics, a B.S. and a B.A ed, where I received high honors and was a member of teaching and language honors societies, USA  teacher certification (two languages and several subjects) and a Trinity T.E.S.O.L. teaching certificate. Believe me, I know what works–and this works.

How to get the Volume Method

Here is how to get your copy of the Volume Method complete with the Right Brain Extensions (it is now a part of the package). After payment (include your best/largest E mail in the notes) you will soon get the Volume Method digitally.

We take a a strong anti piracy stance.  Information is not for teaching others, not for resale, not to be hosted or posted anywhere else.  Once sent it is a strict NO refund No return policy because you have learned and we must  assumed copied our work.  You agree to these binding conditions when you purchase. 





Here is a video about The Volume Method

I must stress that this method is for your own personal use. Do not purchase the Volume Method to teach others, to copy (in any form) or to distribute it in any form. Once  you receive this information there is no refund/no return as we must consider piracy and specialized information already given.  In fact your purchasing is tacit agreement to these stipulations. (Ordering signifies that you have Read the FAQs page and agree to the conditions.)